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For each session we have invited two leading scientists who will introduce the topic and present their perspective and relevant work (25 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion).

Abstract submission is closed

Deadline for abstract submission was August 31.

Poster Session

Abstracts selected for poster presentations will be presented on Friday, October 11th. Posters will be up throughout the meeting close to the lecture hall to ensure maximal exposure and optimally facilitate interactions. 

By exposing attendees to outstanding ongoing work in diverse but relevant research areas, we are confident to broaden the horizon of aspiring as well as established scientists and stimulate further research into the fascinating molecular mechanisms that are key to the ageing process. 

Submission Guidelines 

Please follow the guidelines and ensure that you have completed your registration in order for your abstract to be considered for presentation. The Programme Review Committee will assess your abstract after the deadline, and you will be formally notified whether you have been selected for a talk or poster presentation. 

Poster boards will accommodate 118 cm high by 84 cm wide/46.8 inch height by 33.1 inch width (A0- portrait) of printed material.

The abstract should not exceed 250 words.


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