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The conference will be held at the University Medical Center in Groningen.

Blauwe zaal

Hanzeplein 1

9713 GZ Groningen

The Netherlands

Tel. (+31) (0) 50 361 61 61

The conference will be held at the University Medical Center in Groningen.

The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) was established in 2005 as a joint activity of the University of Groningen and the Academic Hospital Groningen (AZG). 
At present, the UMCG is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and the largest employer in the Northern Netherlands. More than 10,000 employees provide patient care, are involved in medical education and perform cutting-edge scientific research, focused on ‘healthy and active ageing’. Research and education at the UMCG are funded through the University of Groningen, and the Faculty of Medical Sciences functions as an integral part of the University. The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine is appointed by the Board of the University and is a member of the Board of Directors of the UMCG.  

More than 3,400 students of the University of Groningen study Medicine, Dentistry or Human Movement Sciences, while more than 340 physicians are doing their specialty training at the state of the art facilities of the UMCG. Patients attend the UMCG for basic care but also for very specialist diagnoses, examination or treatment. All patients from the Northern Netherlands with complicated or unusual disorders are eventually referred to the UMCG. Good quality care is always based on the latest information, and is provided by the best doctors and nurses. Together with the support staff, every day we work on achieving a single common goal: building the future of health. 


City inside a city


Its size alone makes the UMCG a ‘city with the city’. Every day, some 18,000 staff, students, patients and visitors attend the UMCG. In addition, every year dozens of major conferences are organized with participants from the Netherlands and abroad. Like in any real city, the UMCG offers shopping and catering facilities. The similarity to a city is further emphasized by the remarkable architecture of the UMCG. The roofed-in streets which house the nursing units and outpatient clinics are such that you can easily forget you are in fact in a hospital.

Travel to the University Medical Center 
The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is located to the east of Groningen city centre, on the Hanzeplein. 
The hospital is easy to reach in a variety of ways – by bike, by car (use the underground car park) or by public transport. 


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